About Me

I practice and teach Classical Chinese Acupuncture and related modalities.

After studying bodywork and related disciplines in 1983, I began studying acupuncture in 1985. Upon licensure on the M.L.King Holiday in 1989, I worked as an LAc in high-volume public health settings for ten years, taught acupuncture and qigong full-time for another ten years, and now teach classical acupuncture at the National College of Natural Medicine

My education included extensive training in bodywork, qigong (certified to teach six different forms), and acupuncture. The latter included a clinical doctorate in the first accreditable doctoral program in acupuncture and oriental medicine in this continent (DAOM). It was during this latter training that I found great advice in the Chinese acupuncture classics.

My original acupuncture training emphasized Chinese, but included every major known acupuncture school (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and 5-Element).

Working with ultra-sensitive patients led to a treatment style that is very gentle and patient-centered. Some patients opt for acupressure only. Herbs are used sparingly, if at all. Diet, lifestyle, qigong exercise are used as ways of making lasting change.