Ling Shu/Spiritual Axis Annotations

Wu LW, Wu AQ (1997).Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine. (Wang Bing version) Beijing: China Science & Technology Press
Annotated notes by Dr. Roger Batchelor (DAOM, LAC) ©2010 reproducible if not for profit.
Ling Shu - Spiritual Pivot  
  Chapter Title Topics  
Chapter 1 The nine kinds of needle and the twelve source points YinTang acupoint diagnosis (495); prognosis; levels; acupuncture good for chronic disease (498); treat upper body with GB 34 (ext) & SP 9 (internal dz)  
Chapter 2 On acupoints Channels defined, San Jiao Functions  
Chapter 3 Explanation on small needle Inspiring and cautionary words -good  
Chapter 4 The visceral diseases caused by evil energy Causes of disease; Diagnosis: pulse and color, ch v. organ; needling He points, Lower He Sea, Dao of acupuncture  
Chapter 5 The beginning and end of  channela Ying Qi circulation; socio-economic status/class  
Chapter 6 On the relation between firmness and softness of body and one's life span Prognosis, Wei, Ying, Bi, hot liniment; Prognosis: 1 day Tx for every 3 days Dz  
Chapter 7 On the application of needles Techniques: Dao Qi Method (43)  
Chapter 8 Roots of Spirit: spiritual activities Roots of spirit: Yi, Po, Hun, Shen, Zhi, Jing-Shen, Emotions  
Chapter 9 The beginning and ends of the channels RenYing, CunKou Pulses [cf ch 10], Clinic space [cf SW 13], Prohibitions; DE QI  
Chapter 10 On Channels Internal channel paths, RenYing/CunKou pulse, Liquor and Wei, Luo channels, Green = Cold, Black = Bi (570)  
Chapter 11 Divergent/Zheng channels Divergent/Zheng channels  
Chapter 12 The water of channels Depth, retention on relative channel  
Chapter 13 The tendons distributed along the channels TMM - Tendon channels, path, disease, treatment, seasons, bi syndrome  
Chapter 14 Measurement of the bone Cun measurements  
Chapter 15 The fifty cycles of the channel energy circulation 2 beats/breath; Speed of Qi  
Chapter 16 The Ying energy Ying Qi, daily channel cycle with some twists  
Chapter 17 The length of channels Sense organs - organ relationships, Qiao mai  
Chapter 18 The issue of distribution and operation of Yang energy and Wei energy Origins, cycles, Jiaos, Ying/Wei  
Chapter 19 Application of different pricking, therapies in different seasons RenYing/CunKou pulse, SmInt.  
Chapter 20 Needling for treating the evils in the five viscera Symptoms, treatments  
Chapter 21 Cold and heat Sky windows, treatment of teeth, carbuncles, UB 1/Qiao mai, seasonal treatment, ocular connectors (eyes) (612)  
Chapter 22 Manic - depressive syndrome Specific treatment, mania  
Chapter 23 Febrile disease Fevers  
Chapter 24 Jue/Reversal/Counterflow syndrome Rebellion disease, HA, precardial and abdominal pain, tinnitus, deafness, heart attack  
Chapter 25 In treating the root and branch of disease Treat root first for exterior invasion: for ex., if diarrhea occurs first, treat it before other disease even when gone.  
Chapter 26 Miscellaneous disease Lumbago, deafness, abdominal distention, anger  
Chapter 27 Bi/Pain syndrome Cause and treatment  
Chapter 28 Oral inquiry Ten Questions; Asking Dx (tinnitus, sighing, sneezing, hiccup, tears, etc.--with point protocols)  
Chapter 29 Treating instructions imparted by precedent masters Micro/macro, face diagnosis [cf. chapters 49, 37]  
Chapter 30 The energies Saliva and marrow  
Chapter 31 The intestine and stomach dull - Measurements  
Chapter 32 The fast of an ordinary man Food makes Shen; Urinate only 2 x day;  
Chapter 33 On the four seas Great Seas: Marrow/Brain (Du 20, 15); Xue/Chong (ST 37, 39); Qi/Chest (Du 14, 15, ST 9,. Ren 17), Nourishment/ST (ST 36, 30).  
Chapter 34 The five disturbances Specific points for head, lung, and other diseases  
Chapter 35 On distention Types and treatment, ST 36 purges; Ying/Wei  
Chapter 36 The five kinds of body fluids Food pours into 4 seas; SP defends, KI manages outer activities; Crying; diarrhea  
Chapter 37 Determining the conditions of the five viscera by examining the five sense organs Face Dx: Nose as abdomen; Ht/tongue distinguishes tastes & herbs  
Chapter 38 Different acupuncture therapies to people of different fat and lean physiques and the adverse and agreeable conditions of the twelve channels Needling infants, etc.; Chong (664)  
Chapter 39 On superficial venules Blood Luo, bleeding/bloodletting; tight DeQi = heat  
Chapter 40 The lucid and turbid of the Yin and Yang energies Yin yang theory & correspondences  
Chapter 41 The Yin and Yang of human body relate to sun and moon Prohibitions to needle; stem branch calendar  
Chapter 42 The transmission of diseases Need for multiple modalities  
Chapter 43 Dream induced by evil energy Dreams [cf SW 80]  
Chapter 44 The human healthy energy in the day and night corresponds with the energies of the four seasons Seasons of the day; seasonal patient categories (Jing=Win); Tx Intemperance with He-Sea pts.  
Chapter 45 Determination from outside Necessity of treatment plan; reflection of inner by outer, deep philosophy  
Chapter 46 The five kinds of affections Exogenous disease; Diabetes, Bi, Tumor / cancer  
Chapter 47 The various conditions of internal organs relating different diseases Positions & conditions of organs; diabetes  
Chapter 48 Understanding the channels thoroughly before needling Pulses: RenYing/ CunKou  
Chapter 49 The five colors Face diagnosis [cf ch. 29, 37], wind as source of all disease, Bi = Cold/Damp (702)  
Chapter 50 On Braveness ...and Alcohol  
Chapter 51 The back shu points of the five viscera Moxa and blowing to disperse  
Chapter 52 On the Wei energy Root/branch; xu - shi of those; Ni/rebellion, Coldness, dizziness, regions  
Chapter 53 On pain Needle and herb sensitivity; how to anticipate needle phobia (715-7)  
Chapter 54 The natural span of life Aging by decades.  Nose/Face diagnosis & prognosis  
Chapter 55 The agreeableness and adverseness Prohibitions [cf ch. 9, SW ch. 52]  
Chapter 56 The five tastes Foods, treatment  
Chapter 57 Edema Xu - shi, channel / organ  
Chapter 58 Pathogenic wind Conditions & causes of disease; unresolved issues; heart (seemingly random collection)  
Chapter 59 Treating the abnormal Wei energy Wei Qi activation/exteriorization points  
Chapter 60 The plate of jade Needle vs weapons; adverse syndromes  
Chapter 61 The five contraindications Adverse syndrome, to needling on specific days  
Chapter 62 The pulsation of arteries Chong pathways; Pulses at LU 9, ST 9, KI 3  
Chapter 63 On the Five Tastes Interesting  
Chapter 64 The twenty five kinds of people in different characteristics of Yin and Yang Constitutions, temperaments; hair  
Chapter 65 The five tones and five tastes Food correspondences, chong/ren start at UB; Woman and beards; Qi/Xue balance  
Chapter 66 The initiation of various diseases Levels; chong  
Chapter 67 Needle transmission Different responses to needles  
Chapter 68 Vomiting instantly after food intake St disease; parasites; thought (free of desires)  
Chapter 69 Dysphonia due to melancholy and resentment Voice - loss of  
Chapter 70 Cold and heat Scrofula; eye vein/sclera diagnosis  
Chapter 71 Retention of the evil Evil guest, Wei Qi, insomnia and Yang / Yin Qiao, pinellia/ban xia, inner / outer correspondences, PC vs. HT; 8 sites for debilitative Qi (LR=armpit, LU=elbow, SP=upper thigh, KI=popliteal)  
Chapter 72 The different types of man 6 Stage Psychology, temperament, body type  
Chapter 73 Each according to his ability Technique: Slow insertion, mental state of acupuncturist; perception. Teaching (finding the right student). TuiNa - stretching patient during treatment  
Chapter 74 To determine the disease by inspecting the skin of the anterolateral side of the forearm Forearm microsystem; Eye diagnosis  
Chapter 75 The criterions of pricking and the difference between healthy energy and the evil energy Forearm microsystem mainly; some pediatric, pregnancy Dx  
Chapter 76 The circulation of Wei Qi Wei Qi  
Chapter 77 The nine places and the eight winds Ba Gua; Wind  
Chapter 78 On the nine kinds of needle Ba Gua correspondence to body; Numerology; diseases of body and spirit; 5 phase correspondences, 6 Channel qualities (Qi and Xue balance)  
Chapter 79 On the dews of the year Wei Circulation - 21 day down spine; Disease with lunar cycles (waning = weak); Hot/cold invasion; ominous winds on auspicious days  
Chapter 80 On the big perplexity Eyes, sleep, Wei Qi, ST/Ints  
Chapter 81 On carbuncle and deep rooted carbuncle ~Tumors/cancers